Catchy tune, don’t you think Valdosta?


From the first session with R:
“…. I drink slowly from my cup of hot chocolate and try to keep my brain from exploding.

I asked to redirect. She nodded and said yes.

Can he show and/or present to you whether what happened to him was over business or domestic issues?

She tells me he shows her both, though G = death.

Again, he goes back to the older man LT and the younger law enforcement officer.
He shows her the younger male got pleasure from pulling the trigger- took pleasure in the beating and the killing. He shows her at least three who volunteered to take him out. Several people who would have volunteered to do it. He is in their way-causing a problem. He motions with his hands. He pulls it all towards that woman.
He shows her the black widow—she has manipulated the situation.
G = black widow…”

I add this to my most recent information about a set of lakes and the possibility of another body missing. The phrases, “…He shows at least three who volunteered to do it…Several people who would have volunteered to do it… He is in their way-causing a problem.”
This intrigues me, because why would somebody else have to die, if killing Charley eventually got them what they wanted—the MOT?

Unless of course… the missing body has something to do with the MOT! Now that would be something to sing about! Do the dead sing? We have discussed this before and I now believe one of their favorite songs begins something like this…

“Roxanne… you don’t have to turn on the red light… Roxanne….” Boy, I just love that song. I could hum it all day long!

Catchy tune, don’t you think? I’ll bet a lot of the Valdosta law enforcement men used to sing that song back then. Think some of them can still hum a few bars? Bet they wish they’d never heard it the first time! Too bad for them I can’t seem to get it out of my mind…


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