Anybody want to go fishing with me?


I have been like Davinci of late. Working with my nose so close to the paper- drafting,shading – constantly updating the angles, the perspectives. The endless parade of details, details, details… sifting through piles and piles of details and wondering which one I missed. Which one evaded me? Which one meant one thing then that now means something completely different. Which one pointed the direction and I was blind. Blind because I thought it was all about Charley- and it was in the end. But not at the beginning! Night after night I would roll in my bed. Did what I find rise to the level of murder?
Did what I find rise to the level of secrecy and lies for over 44 years?
That was how I knew there was more. So much more.
You see, there were clues all along.
Clues about the shooter.
Clues about the porn.
Clues about the cover-up.
Clues about boots- rubber boots.
Clues about flannel.

And then I began to put them together.
Charley = murder
44 years of lies = big game
Big game = high stakes
High stakes = people in positions of authority or celebrity
Porn = women, woman
Boots = anywhere
Rubber boots = water
Flannel = Hmmmm…..

Flannel in Valdosta???
Flannel in Valdosta = winter months

Funny… nobody ever said anything about going fishing on this trip?
At least not the kind that comes with fish and a pole.

Their kind of fishing does however come with worms.
Worms that = company for the dead-NOT BAIT!

Anybody want to go fishing with me?
I hear the water’s fine this time of year.

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