None worth its weight in souls!

This morning as I walked my dogs I spotted a small yellow finch which held my attentions long enough for several of those “on leash” to do their business. As the pack and I moved towards the house, the finch flitted about and then chose a branch high above us on which to perch and continue to observe. It reminded me of when I was young and my brother and I would play ‘dinosaurs’. Together we would scope out limbs that hung low enough for us to climb to, yet high enough to extend out above the meadow. With twine in hand, we would create make-shift bridles for our ‘brontosaurs’ and survey our primordial savannahs for new adventures. From the ground it was just a vacant lot full of overgrown bushes and discarded household artifacts- from above it became another world to explore, to marvel and lord over.

Silly of course, but it brings to mind the old adage; “It’s not really what you see … it’s how you look.”

Yesterday I received a reply to a request for information. Information about an individual involved in seriously nefarious doings. My source replied that this individual had been great, good friends with an immediate relative now deceased and so based on that was given a raving review. In like token; almost every individual presented by this person receives admiration and accolades for associations with other elders of that community.

As one of my favorite authors, Anne Rivers Siddons says, “Perception is everything, my darling.”

I understand perception. I also understand it is inherent that we all wish to assume that those we love or even those that we have pleasant acquaintanceship with are of noble intent. When my findings are made public, many personal appraisals of certain people will be altered, impressions shattered and perhaps even great misgivings about myself will surface for a time. That will indeed be unfortunate… yet, it will be only collateral damage suffered at best for I cannot undo the deeds that have been done by others. Nor can I reclaim any modicum of integrities or forbearances for crimes they have committed. I can only govern my own actions accordingly and pray that circumstance and evidence will bear me out. In the last year and a half, I cannot tell you how many times I have heard or read;

“… for the protection of the brotherhood- the sanctity of the fraternal order…”

What salvation can there be for any fraternal order or association that begs of its members to lie, malign and murder innocents? What brotherhood of nobility supports those who tarnish its name, while it invokes its privileges?
None worth its weight in souls and so…
Indeed what my source knew of the men in question was based solely on not only what he saw of them… but how he and his had looked at them.

And so as I entered my home this morning surrounded by drooling lips, bounding legs and wagging tails, I wondered what this little yellow finch from afar assumed was true about me. For indeed what he saw also depended on… how he looked!

Until later then.

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