Where are you Theodore?


I can’t quite get over the 1223 Bakers Way reference. Now to be sure, there is a building at that address and like I said it is in Manhattan, Kansas of all places. Even more insane is that it is the American Institute of Baking. Now the thing that gets me- which is what I love about this kind of backwards research- is that some of the first impressions by R in regards to Rox are about baking. She sees Rox making a pineapple upside down cake. She see her in a very nicely equipped professional kitchen. Another name is suggested- Wisenbaker- and again there is an association somehow, but it is the ‘baker’ portion of the name that comes through the most. So my dear Charley- what is it they are trying to guide me to? What do we know about Rox so far?
She is very pretty- well put together, so to speak. She has long dirty blonde hair. Likes to bake- has a thing about cosmetics; or that the family is in the cosmetics business. She is between 18 and 22. She likes to wear jewelry- she has a necklace with a “V” either engraved into it- or it is in the shape of a V. We know she received two roses- has white poodle that is continually around her. She dates older men. We know Theodore Shilning gave her a broach with a purple orchid on it; though this ‘relationship’ may have been when she was younger as her father seems to have been unhappy with her choice. And generally one’s father knows his place after the age of 18.

We also know that at some point she was with, “the four who wear flannel” from Valdosta-or maybe some of the men from the Tifton WOW lodge 1545. Seems a crap load of stuff took place there too- but I feel for this scenario she is more closely tied to Valdosta. We know the man with the small fishing boat saw and heard some things. We know she has a tie to – or a connection to the grim reaper and the MOT. Do you not recall the blog about, “… the crow threatened to to scratch out grim’s eyes…” We know that grim is tied to Rox and Rox is tied to the MOT. That she was possibly raped and strangled and that her remains may be sitting at the bottom of…

Oh now, I can’t tell you that! That wouldn’t be fair. You must wait same as I to find out if all this is true first- then we go for the body!
Now, one would think we know a great deal about Rox and yet… I will have to ask Charley to keep plugging the holes on this one.

So what is the connection to the American Institute of Baking? Why was it important they tell me about Theodore and where is this building with the yellow flag or banner about a flagpole?

Talk to me Rox. I cannot help the MOT clear his name or discover your true murderer if you do not talk to me. Talk to Charley- he knows how to get me the information. He understands the shorthand. You have until Wednesday Rox. That’s Charley’s Birthday and I would like to give him another present that day – closure on this case.

The book is in outline Charley. All I’m waiting on is Rox. Explain to her that I can only piece so many parts of the puzzle without her help. Give her up to me Charley, so that I might set you both free.

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  1. weight Says:

    yeah my dad will like this

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