Never my friend- we are eternal now…

The thing I love about Charley is that he is a very generous man. When I offer to give him a present- he gives me one back!

Theodore – who are you?
You gave a purple orchid broach to Rox, even though her father didn’t want you seeing her anymore. And who lives at 1223 Bakers Way? And the flagpole with the yellow flag and banner…
The decorative plate with a palm tree on it?

Are you trying to tell me Theodore is from South Carolina- the Palmetto state? Or from Florida? Grim reaper- got any relatives in South Carolina???

I Googled 1223 Bakers Way and it came up in three locations. One is in Manhattan, Kansas. Interesting segue, especially when the first few clues about Rox had her baking a pineapple upside down cake. How odd too- when I was a kid, that was my favorite kind! I even asked for it on my Birthday. How ‘bout you Charley? Want that for you Birthday cake?

See the kind of gifts I get from Charley? Always something, but always with the caveat of…
Figure it out, kiddo… figure it out!

Charley- you’re a funny guy. Afraid that if you give it all to me, I will walk away and we shall lose the contact? Never my friend- we are eternal now.

3 Responses to “Never my friend- we are eternal now…”

  1. Bonnie Giles Says:

    Hello, I have been talking with Richard Chafin who was the Sheriff of Brooks county for 5 terms. His father was the Chafin that I mentioned in my other email. Richard started out as a trouper and then became Sheriff. He is somewhat familiar with the case. In fact, I just realized that Mike Bland was the teenager that found Uncle Charley and I worked with Mike for several years in the Probation Offices in Colquitt and Brooks Counties. Mike as you probably already know lives in Tifton, GA. Richard might have some facts or rumors that want to be facts that he has heard or known of by being Sheriff of Brooks County for so many years. Who knows he might just fill in some blanks as you have said,”nothing happens by chance”. He says that he wants to talk with the family before he says ansheriffrichardchafin@hotmail.comything else about this case because of family etc.. His email address is ( and his numbers are mobile#:229-263-0760 other number:229-588-4424.

  2. AmunDDutdub Says:

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