What’s the old boy’s club from Valdosta in 1966, you ask???


I am cautioned to tell you more…
So much of what I have been able to unearth thus far in this case has come at the cost of so many hours spent in mental gymnastics to unfurl meaning. Occasionally I go back 6-8 months and read the earlier blogs and marvel. How naïve I was… yet so open, and it has been this openness to information that has brought me this far.

When this case first came to me, I eagerly plunged into the plastic coffins of Hazel’s life and tore my way through every page of her journal trying to find out what she knew to be true, what she suspected to be true and how far she might go to find the truth. I devoured every word, every sentence in her journal, and then moved forward to every document, newspaper article and photo I could get my hands on. I paid strict attention to every detail, every nuance and innuendo…but in the end I must tell you this:
In an awkward sense I have to admire the due diligence and creativity of certain individuals in the crafting of this crime. Think about it…you murder a man because you think he knows too much and you are afraid he may call you out on it. So instead of finding out exactly what he knows… you take him out. And then have to take others out who knew you took him out. Aaaahhhhhh… multiplication was never Grim’s strong suit!
Then after you take a out a few more, well golly… you have to hide all that mess now too! But you have to be careful because really… how many girls just arbitrarily drown in the same year??? Nah… you have to be creative about how they go missing. You know… so people won’t look so hard for them. Oh and hookers??? Hey- they’re the best. Why? Because nobody with any class knows who they are and nobody who “KNOWS” them, talks outside of school!!! It’s a very neat little plan, until…

So let’s think back. Exactly how many months did I wrack my brain going over each letter of the word ostrich? How many hours did I spend in researching ratites? I laugh now, but really… who expects the word ostrich to be the code word for;








 I mean, seriously… who thinks of these things? And the craziest part is… who would ever suspect that some little crime writer would figure this out 44 years after the fact? After all, men generally are not this creative. Of course there was that whole, Little Orphan Annie decoder ring phase that some of them may have gone through- but still… Ostrich? That’s pretty out there!

So far out there in fact, that I imagine it might come as a great surprise to them that I was able to figure that out. And actually, maybe I shouldn’t be boastful, because what if I am wrong?? What if it really stands for;








 I wouldn’t want to guess wrong, right? Snuff tapes might make even more sense, all things considered, but we’ll just stick with my first instinct for now.

And then of course, how could I ever forget about the clue that really drove me crazy for a long time. This one was from Charley!

“…the trail will lead to M O T…”

Now think about it. Do you know how many combinations of those letters there are? Just think of how many things and/or names that M O T could stand for. The countless napkins I inked up deciphering this. Why I must have tried every combination of mafia this and mafia that you could think of. I even added Tampa or Tallahassee to the mix and then took them away again a hundred times. I even thought the O in between stood for the word, “of”. You know like, ‘the mafia of…’ something or ‘the mafia of’…somewhere. Then one day in the rain I was leaving my office and saw a SLOW sign painted yellow in the parking lot, looked at it upside down and bam*%#!*…it hit me like a ton of bricks. Like the O.S.T.R.I.C.H. code I figured out while driving in the car on Hwy 75N out of Valdosta, I suddenly knew it stood for something special and viola! I knew Charley meant it as the code for the “Man On Tape”! Bet Grim thought of that one!!!

Yes sireeeee… the Man on Tape! Boy, that sure had me bamboozeld for a bit! But that’s what it means and that’s exactly what’s at the end of this trail- a man on a tape. In fact, that’s where I found Rox-at the end of that man’s trail! You see, the MOT is a very important character in this story. Remember the message;

“… the crow was trying to scratch out Grim’s eyes. The MOT is tied to Rox and Rox is tied to Grim…”

That’s pretty special. How special you say??? Oh… that’s the interesting part. See the MOT made a tape, telling everything he knew about Rox and the boy’s club! What’s the old boy’s club from Valdosta in 1966, you ask? Why…it’s like the 1966 Mickey Mouse Club- but instead of being a club for children; this club is only for very sophisticated, crooked, debauched and depraved adult males!!! And our young friend Rox was part of the “entertainment package” for the boy’s club- kinda like when Annette Funicello used to dial the big lock and work the lever and suddenly the wooden door would swing open and you saw a cartoon. Well…in this Mickey Mouse Club show, instead of wooden doors, car doors swing open and we see bodies- not cartoons.
Why? ‘Cause in this club, law enforcement didn’t like to watch TV. They liked to play cards, drink booze, watch racy films, smoke cigars and then entertain themselves with young women. Sometimes they liked them a whole lot and sometimes they didn’t. That’s when they would mess up and accidentally kill one or two of them. It’s a funny kind of initiation rite that apparently only law enforcement seems to get, because personally I find it vile and revolting… but you know me! Ha ha ha ha…I just have a less morbid sense of humor- my bad!

See, that’s why the O.S.T.R.I.C.H. code thing is so catchy! Sex tapes… snuff tapes. To-ma-toe, to-mot-to…po-ta-toe, po-tot-o??? Semantics, right? It’s so hard to choose! Hey I know… why don’t I ask Jessica???

Hey, Jess…were they sex tapes or snuff tapes??? Hmmmmm…….

3 Responses to “What’s the old boy’s club from Valdosta in 1966, you ask???”

  1. technology Says:

    “Tapes”? There were no consumer videotapes in 1966. “Tapes” could only have been audio tapes (reel-to-reel; cassettes were just coming onto the market). Homemade pornography was not easy to make either — all move film at the time required very bright lights, and affordable cameras held reels of 8-mm film that were only good for about 3 minutes of filming.

  2. technology Says:

    Er… That’s not the point. Reel-to-reel tapes are still tapes. But in 1966 you could only tape-record sound, not video. It sounded as if you were talking about video tapes.

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