Last night was a full moon…


Last night was a full moon and I slept, but my slumber was frustrated by bits and pieces of dreams and information that seemed to tempt and taunt, but not to solve. It was an uneasy rest that left me almost more tired upon waking, than when I went to bed!
Whatever the dreams- they were lost to me by dawn and in their wake I felt certain Charley had imparted information in them. My assumption may have been correct for in the early stages of my first cup of coffee, I received a message from R. It simply said:

“From Charley… lockbox #_ _ _ _”

Now I know what you’re saying. Darn! Why won’t she print the freaking number? Foolish mortals… why should I? The man whose hand is nervously reaching to unlock such with a stolen key knows what the number is. I know what the number is too and so… for now that is enough. Oh… and by the way. One of my most devoted readers pointed out to me that there were no “tapes” in 1966. True. It is a matter of semantics- though the error is dully noted. Of course there were no ‘tapes’ in 1966. It was a reel to reel. For those of you my age- the transferred impression is understood. For those more contemporary, the word tape should suffice to demonstrate; a documentary of sorts, a filming of…

Do not go jumping to conclusions about what this revelation means. Let it simmer on your minds for a bit, because you cannot imagine where it will lead me… although I can!!!
Perhaps all the chatter about the locks and boy’s club yesterday shook the heavenly branches last eve for today again… there was more information about Jessica revealed. This is one anxious soul. And do know what she had to say???

“Come on in… the water’s fine!” she said.
“Hey,” I said. “That sure is a mighty bad bump on your head.” And she pointed to a gash. “Oh this? It doesn’t hurt anymore- but it did like a b—- when I got it! Come on in… the waters warm.” she insisted.
So I said, “What’s that Jessica? It’s after Labor Day, silly… no pools are open now my dear girl!”
And do you know what that silly dead girl said in reply???

“Neither was this one!”

Hmmmm…..until later then!

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