I spent a very fitful evening contemplating where I must now tread…


As the full moon continued last night and begged that I heed its warning, I have decided it best not to tell you all that I have learned, but suffice it to say that I spent a very fitful evening contemplating where I must now tread. I know that sometimes it may appear as though I make light of those who have passed in my imaginary conversations with them… It is in part to bait the field and also to impart information. Last night though, after seeing the movie “Hereafter”, I received further information that not only confirmed some things but set up a whole new host of threads I must follow and I can tell you now that there feels little left about this case that would surprise or, disgust me more than what I now know. So here before all, I recommit to my vow to bring these folks to justice and to bring whatever peace can be found by their victims. Note, that bringing someone to justice implies that they are still alive… they are. Not all of them, but I shall leave those to God for their rightful punishment and to the system and public court for those who would now rather join them. How close and how terrified you must be to find out you are not immortal, nor that of your legacy. How many nights will you shudder at the limb that pecks at your window sill and not know if it be the real Grim Reaper to call.

You wear the cloak of such a specter now my dear Grim, but you too shall quake at his footsteps when they come to your door for your Hell shall not be to die… but to live. To live within the horror you placed upon others. To have your beloved wife and your children know the evil that courses through your veins. To see the maggots of corruption slither amongst your crooked teeth and to know that your closest of allies would sooner toss your limbs to the dogs and save themselves than keep your sacred brotherhood oath alive.

No… for you I will save the book. You will be the starring role as you desire, but it shall be for all the wrong reasons. I know what you’ve done and how far you have gone… but I am not alone. There are others now who know- others who shall follow you just as closely as I. Those that have already passed know your secrets too and they have no allegiance to you or your warped brotherhood.

May death become you and life betray you…

The shovel and the compass now fit within the picture. The heat was brutal on her…decaying… rotting her flesh before you buried her. Was it July? August??? Or was it just the flames of Hell licking at your feet that made you sweat so?

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