Ask Charley…


You know when I receive some of my information, sometimes I get things like numbers; which may become parts of addresses. Or sometimes R get parts of a name- or a glimpse of someone’s job or career path and she passes that on to me.

Take for instance Rox. Now several clues came through about her. Long blonde hair, injured hand or arm- necklace with a V- small white dog- two roses. She had a thing for baking- but the best clue of all turned out to be a complete address of 1223 Bakers Way- it led me to the American Baking Institution in Manhattan, Kansas. Now, Rox of course didn’t come from Kansas, but she did work in a bakery and this clue was meant to confirm that! But what bakery? There were so many little mom and pop bakeries back then, how was I to know? Ahhh, the good old days! Folks love remembering them- that’s how I learned the next clue. Someone pointed out to me that the larger grocery stores back then had bakeries too and BINGO! I found her at the Harvey’s store bakery in______________. Neat, huh?

The other nice thing about the good old days is that some folks try to remember why they wanted to forget the good old days to begin with! And that’s when they really start to talk. Seems the closer they get to death- the less they keep their mouths shut. Anyway, I digress.

Another favorite thing of mine is antiques. I like collecting all kinds of old things. Obviously, I like to collect old typewriters- why? Because I am an author. But I like to collect other things too- like old fashioned kitchen utensils and kitchen equipment. I love old painting, old toys… I love old books. Why my most favorite these days is a 1966 Valdosta phone book! Why? Because it has everybody listed and important information. Things like…what folks names are… where they worked… where they lived. You just don’t get that kind of information anymore with the privacy this and the privacy that.

Don’t you just love the good ole days?
I do!

Now… let’s see where old so and so lived in 1966. And let’s see where the pools used to be. And while we’re at it…let’s look up who the woman named _________________ was married to. That oughta help with figuring out why the chandelier got broken and maybe even whose hand was shaking in the hall just inches from the gold boxes that lined the hall the day they went to break into Charley’s P.O. Box. Why golly… I bet before the day is through, I’ll know a lot more than I do now and that’s a whole lot! Don’t believe me?
Ask Charley!

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