Happy Halloween Valdosta…


Tomorrow is the feast of All Souls Day and so tonight is All Hallows Eve, where millions of people will celebrate the thinning of the veil between the living and the dead. This is the one night of the year that celebrates those who have passed on and so Valdosta will be a very busy place tonight. Hallow’s Eve is the night we welcome back into our lives the souls of our ancestors and wear costumes and masks in an attempt to ward off the evil spirits that may try to accompany the good as they enter our homes…

Tonight I expect to learn more from those who have passed on- both from the good and the evil souls that escorted Charley to his grave and drug Roxy and Jessica kicking and screaming to theirs. I imagine each will have a tremendous amount to say, so I will listen carefully to the whispering winds as they whistles their way amongst blackened limbs festooned with Spanish moss … heed the warnings of the crows that have now followed me for days, as they watch from afar and look for inspiration from the moon in all her glory as she peers between wispy clouds of celestial gauze to watch me on my hallowed haunts.

There is an air about this day I have not felt before…a sinister undercurrent as the veil continues to thin… thread by thread as the layers between Grim and I continue to lean, until we are face to face. Me with the absolute blackness of his soul and he with his demons, his tormentors and his fears.

‘…the scarecrow goes up near the location this time of year. Where the pool used to be could now be on someone’s farm- their property… the name H______________ may appear on the mailbox…’

Happy Halloween Valdosta…
I’ll be waiting to hear from you, Charley…If you do not recognize me behind my mask…I’ll be the one divining the position of Jessica’s bones as they lay buried in fallow fields.

Anyone got a compass and a shovel?
A… bloody shovel?

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