Keep talking Jessica… I am listening!


Last week I had a dream. After learning that the rumor of the dead girl being buried under or at a pool was infact- not rumor at all… I did some additional research that left me still very much out in the cold as far as identifying an exact location. Tired, but encouraged I asked Charley for more help. That night, with visions of Jessica obsessing about the damage to her face, I asked for guidance and a chance to follow the four in flannel as they committed the crime. I know that my rest was unsettled- but no more than that. Alas, the only thing I can recall from my slumber is standing inside a small room that had not been finished. Sheetrock mud and taping still exposed, floors covered in sawdust, tidbits of lumber, nails and huge clumps and drizzled tailings of caulk- the window openings had been cut, trimmed and framed- but actual windows not installed. It was a shell of a room, inside what appeared to be apartments or offices of some sort. The place I was inside felt like a two-three story building still under construction– a building that looked out over an area with scattered construction debris and large piles of sandy colored dirt heaped at various junctures. Standing inside the room, you could feel the breeze through the window. I sensed someone near me, but was not frightened as if they did not know I was there- I leaned out the open window and looked down. Some construction equipment and stray lumber, wheel barrows and shovels littered the ground directly below, but beyond the area seemed to clean up a bit- as though further along in the construction process.

The person with me bent forward into the window to look farther out and when I followed their gaze- I saw the gaping hole. It was rectangular in shape and while the earth surrounding it held a honey brown, deep within its cavity the shade became more reddish in pigment.

At the time I did not know if it was meant to be the footprint of another building- but after comparison to others, soon realized that it could not have been a basement as it was more than one story deep.

When I questioned my company as to what it was- there was no answer. I glanced back towards the door and saw the shadow of my escort pacing in the hall- he had left me there alone to contemplate the view.

I turned back towards the window and stared at the shape below; its dimensions and the proximity to a clump of woods. This was new- fresh construction in an area that was sparsely populated. The template of buildings was laid out and the one I was in was the closest to completion. I looked down again, gauging and deciphering the shape of the cavity beneath me. Uncommonly large for private use, it became instantly clear that this was for public use. When I suddenly realized what it was I was looking at… I awoke in a sweat.

I was given a name as guide wire. When I Googled this name; the internet gave me more than14 different possibilities of location and name combinations to review. Searching Google Earth and Google Maps, I discerned by population density and locale several plausible sites. But when I sent the list to R for perusal… the very address I had made the personal exemption, for a variety of reasons… it was the only address that jumped out at her from the list. Keeping an open mind and because she has thus far, never been wrong in this case, I Googled it. The satellite zeroed in and the images of tall 2-3 story buildings began to come into view. The closer the satellite got and the higher the resolution…the more clearly the images of a complex came into view. But it wasn’t the template of the complex that caught my attention so much, though the address gave me the exact same perspective as the one in my dream- it was what lay just north of my perspective that gave me chills.

It was the image of a large pool.

Keep talking Jessica… I am listening!

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