Before the magic and the mystery…


Before the magic and the mystery of the day is stripped away by the dawn…. before the possibility of forever becomes, only for now… before the souls who speak so richly in my dreams are crowded out by the clamor of daily ritual and the interruption of those more corporeal… let me sit- idle in thought, patient in my demeanor and silent amongst my own chaos.

Whatever ills are met this day must be conquered early as I have a great many chores and obligations to attend to. But for the moment, while I am still Capt. of my ship and keeper of the night, let me tell you that the journey of life is so amazing that I wonder why we forget to stare at the stars at night and wonder on which beam of light our hopes arise. Why we do not see the mystery in small works, joy in the little minutes and smile from within- that we are here-that we have been given this great gift of experience.

I know what you probably wanted was guts and gore from me today. Some monumental clue that has led me to somewhere even more insane than the last clue’s navigation… and trust me—the day is still yet unborn and the possibilities for such are endless with this crew. But for now… just for now… while the damp embroiders the air and the wind cuts just a bit deeper in your cheek- while gray and gaunt clouds veil the breach between daring and dawn… and the early morning mist breaks down the colors of the day as water colored remembrances …Breathe in the night air and find your balance. Such is upon us that has never been and you must be prepared for what gifts or goads will befall you…

I have a very important meeting on Friday which will bring to some closure, to others more angst and to all…another clue to follow. Until then:

“… it is hot- very hot; July or August-she was killed. Possibly left outside in the hot elements- feels like a public pool-maybe worked there- lifeguard or something. Last name Sanders Or Sanderson something…
Creepy- he has left her out in the elements for a few days- then buried her. I feel like a male energy can see her body through the window. He just leaves her there for awhile. He has a wife- 2 kids; b/g. The boy is older- has a leg problem-he wears a boot or brace on one of his legs-can’t run fast as a kid and this frustrates the father…”

“…half of her face is really messed up. Could be decay or the injury suffered in life. She is extremely fixated on her face. The male in the window is turned on by watching her body. The 4 in flannel- who had a boy and a girl? Boy has brown hair/slender build. Hotel/motel is mentioned for Jessica- the hotel/motel name began with Red-something…
November 11th is significant for you…”

“…the man with the 3-legged white dog and a bad eye- he has information for you…”

See? The day has yet to break and already, I have delivered you somewhere new
Until later then…

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