And so I waited… but not for long!


And so I waited… but not for long! The wonderful thing about Charley is he knows when I get to a bridge I cannot cross or when I feel as though I have left someone… or something behind undiscovered. He understands that I cannot leave things left undone. That I must follow my gut when I know there is more to a situation than has been presented.

Roxanne’s murder may have been an, “Oh, s____ moment!” A… “How did things get so out of hand” moment. But, Jessica… with a shovel??? What was that about?

You know… I always wondered what the impetus was that led to Jessica’s murder. It didn’t make sense for it to have been a random act, when all the players had most likely slept with her. This was a crime of passion. They damaged half of her face. That’s not random violence-it was personal vengence. Very personal and so the trigger must have been very personal too. Let’s extrapolate the facts, shall we? Someone sleeps with a myriad of men- but one… one ends up with a possible bill at the end of dinner- so to speak. The mental segue is easy… the implications for this man, in his station in life and public eye mind numbing. Could it be? There is a possibility that someone confided something to Charley early on. Something very, very personal. Something so scandalous that would have put this someone else in a very bad spot- both publicly and privately.

Some one else had been with Jessica too. Someone perhaps, outside the 4 in flannel. Someone who was not the law, but someone who knew the law. Someone who didn’t want the world to know… Jessica may have been pregnant!

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