My, oh my! This just gets more and more curious!


I did receive my GRPA award the other night for a program I developed at the theatre and I am hoping that the mayor and commissioners will not soon forget it in this season of budgeting- but I have little hope as it seems all around me suffers from the endings now becoming the final signature of the nine year. Today however is a busy day and should help to refocus my energies. I have work, research on this and then after a book signing later this evening and a Christmas party to attend with the Moore’s Ford Bridge folks to celebrate my new novel and then on the ‘morrow, two more celebratory events to attend. The sky is rich with that blue construction paper color of my youth and begs to be sketched in with winter scenes of white chalk. Perhaps some snow flurries will grace the heavens in this next day or two… I remain hopeful as I so need the magic of the season to settle in my bones and calm this impending restlessness.

So many things have been happening of late that tell me change is abounding everywhere in my life and I should take stock of where I am on many levels to increase stability. Charley baits from afar and teases with information he knows I cannot find segue to without more…the course of my job remains an enigma for want of a better description… and my world is slightly off its axis in terms of everything else. There is a disconnect or a stalling that permeates the cold air- Mercury is in retrograde and that always seems to toy with my congruity and sense of balance. As patient as a small child before a lit Christmas tree at midnight on Christmas Eve, I stand still with open arms ready to receive more information on my many questions, especially on this latest note. (Yes… that was an oxymoron and absolute sarcasm! I am desperate and impatient for more information as Charley has become the ballast in my life these days and to go so many without corroboration leaves me in an intellectual wobble.)

Do you recall the day that I received great information about “it”, Elizabeth, the lock box, the train and about the red card that was tucked away in Charley’s wallet?

Well… the name on the red card in his wallet bore the same last name as Jessica. And… if she had confided in Charley about her possible condition, then this makes imminently more sense that he would be alarmed when the young woman suddenly went missing. You see- Charley was crazy about his kids- any kids. He and Hazel had in fact lost two prior to J and so this would have been a sacred matter for Charley. And because the potential father may have been an attorney… well, it certainly explains a few more things. Though I cannot just yet tie one to the other- it is rather incriminating that an attorney who knew Charley’s case very well later on- was the same person who confessed to me that he was shown evidence eight years after, proving that Charley’s death was indeed a homicide. Why this individual decided to remain quiet about such was painted with altruistic intentions. Now in this light- I wonder if maybe the reasons go much deeper. Maybe there was an association to this case that was hidden from me. Perhaps he may have been the liaison between Jessica and death… or maybe he knew of another attorney who was the potential patriarch. Hmmmmmm…. it does beg one to wonder and it certainly meets the high stakes required for an agent of the law- especially when promoted to higher rank- to have obfuscated the facts and hidden evidence.

I need to get more information. I am told of Route 44- I Googled it; it is in Moultrie near a road I believe bears the same last name as a former revenue agent involved peripherally with Charley’s case. I am told of a person named Maxwell; I do not know if this is first name or last, but I will find out. I am now given the date of December 21st as significant, in addition to the date of December 17th which I was given earlier as one to be mindful of.

My, oh my! This just gets more and more curious!

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