Tick… tick… tick… tick…

I woke with my hands balled into a fist and teeth clenched… something in a dream.
Something about being taken, being shown… something did not happen the way I thought. They were clarifying something for me. It felt like it was behind a grocery store- wooden pallets and garbage cans…metal doors… loading docks. Several men and a women.

I was there and yet only as voyeur. What was happening- what was it they were trying to share?

Tomorrow is December 17th, 2010. What is it that will happen? What information will I receive? What is the huge shift in the focus of this case? We all know what happened the last time Charley gave me a date… remember? That’s when I found out Roxanne’s last name and Jessica was introduced to me! Perhaps Grim is ready to confess all… or maybe someone else who can no longer live with what they have done. The hours will continue to tick away and in just another 24, we may finally know why he continues to hold up the four fingers and mark the calendars.
Can you hear it, Grim?
Tick… tick… tick… tick…

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