You hold up 4 fingers… 4 fingers.


My disappointment spreads.
While there were in deed many shifting of directions on the 17th- they all came through the umbrella of my job. Dramatic shifts being thrust upon me in my programming- unorthodox and unplanned directions, which I am still pondering and trying to digest without regurgitation Herculean effort…but as for the case… I am now quite flummoxed.

Charley has never mentioned a date as significant and then not followed through with some sort of revelation. Now, as I said- if it had been a generic sensitivity to this date- then buddy he was right on the ball, because I was ambushed by my superior-my job description is all over the map at this point and my frustrations at an all time high.

And so I wonder…
Was the misinterpretation mine? Did R misinterpret? Further more… do the dead get angry at us?

Maybe Charley did not like my e-enactment of days ago. Maybe he did not wish for me to speculate so close to home. Maybe my mentioning G and her dismissal of his affections brought about too much angst. Or maybe… maybe my obsessions over my job and finances of late have obfuscated the more intuitive fingerlings I usually receive when in a much calmer state. If so, then the error is mine Charley and I do so apologize for being less the vessel than needed.

In spite of all the wonderful achievements and accolades received thus far… in spite of the release of my novel and the great networking system that has resulted… in spite of going back to school and working hard to get straight A’s…in spite of the incredible- if not phenomenal advances made in this case since January last…it has been a most difficult season. Hell, who am I kidding? It has been a changeling year, pure plain and simple and I am doing my best to crawl out from under its heady weight. My saving grace has been this case- this incorporeal relationship- this absolute immersion of soul and intellect and the opportunity of diversion it has afforded me.

So now what Charley? Now what?

You hold up 4 fingers… 4 fingers.
You obsess about your wedding band and Grim’s inability to remove it. I know about G. I know about B and D. I know about the shooter…H. I know who the MOT is and I understand the numbers 19, 1545, 1510…
I have walked through your description of the murder a hundred times. I know where and when- I know how and who…

I know about Jessica and Roxanne- the four in flannel… the evidence… the ballistics… the evidence… the MOT… the evidence.

Unless something has transpired within the respective agencies unknownst to me as of today… I continue to wait with bated breath. I sit something in the pictures Charley? Did you see something I did not? Can you tell R what it is??? Was it something from my dream the other night? Something slumber has hidden from my conscious world?

Break the veil Charley- tear through and tell me what it is I am meant to look for now. I sit another girl? Another victim??? Who is Maxwell Charley? Who is he?????????
I need you Charley- I need you to help tie the ends together. By the way… I keep one of those single coffee bags with me at all times. It’s M……..

Holy s_____. I just answered my own question!!!!! Stream of conscious writing is amazing!!! I don’t know why I didn’t see it before. It was right in front of me and I totally missed it’s meaning! OMG…. damn boy! You’re good!!!!!! How could I have been so stupid??

I love you Charley… I freakin love you!!!! What a sense of humor… you rascal. Mrs. Olson will be so proud of you!!!

I’m still laughing…. and now I’m going to make myself a cup of coffee. Jesus Charley… you crack me up!
Have an awesome day!

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