Now pray that he will!

Remember earlier in October of this year they gave more clues? One had to do with ‘…a scarecrow that goes up at this corner every year about this time’? And another…’the man who stands at the fece near a hay bale has information for you’? ‘He is old… tanned, leatherered skin- wrinkled… he husks the corn.’

I beilve they are corroboration for this most recent one:
‘…the man who husks the corn knows it all… he has information for you– if he will talk…’

I know who this is. And they are right. He would know because I believe he was part of the cover up-helped stage witnesses. Charley talked about an association between him, LT and G. He showed the cheese cutter that lascerated his skin. I know who this is- now if I can only get him to talk. His son did… his wife did.

Now pray that he will!

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