She speaks out again…

Go to page #32 of the journal…she whispers. Go there- there is more for you.
In deed there was. For how do you present a gun to a victim’s wife that should still be in Atlanta at the GBI State Crime Lab? How do you ask that same widow to identify a gun she has never seen before in her life? Why do you list the gun as a 38 Special on the Crime Lab Report and then demand information from the widow about a 38 snubnose?
And then, how do you tell her it was issued by the government to her dead husband- when the government appears to have no record of that gun on file anywhere? How do you manage to gather evidence, bury a body,send said evidence to State Crime Lab 1/2 a state away, get the test done, get the results and get the weapon back in your posession to do all these things between Atlanta and Millen, Georgia all in less than 72 from the death of the victim?

You don’t!
Not without help from the inside. But why would someone on the inside in Atlanta give a rat’s ass about a small time Treasury Agent in a litter box like Valdosta in 1966?

If what I think I have figured out is true…the New Year won’t be very happy for those still alive and know why too!

5 Responses to “She speaks out again…”

  1. Bonnie Giles Says:

    The excitement builds. I cannot wait for this novel. I can hardly subdue my excitement from one blog to the next. Watching the news daily has an all around new meaning.

    • Brownstone Literary Works Says:

      Your infectious and encourgaing reply has made whatever concerns I had about my own abilities to convey the depth of this intrigue dissipate for a time. Thank you for your continued support through your readership and know that it is with utmost respect that I have even ventured such a path for both Julie and Charley alike. Odd as it turns out to be, Charley has become both guardian and dear friend through this process and my need to repay such a debt remains great. Know too, that much of what I conjecture cannot be placed in the public eye for safety reasons and that as the great Sherlock Holmes pontificated when in pursuit…” The game is now afoot!”

      Once told, this story will rock the very foundations of this state… I promise you.

  2. Bonnie Giles Says:

    I cannot wait. I must thank you for accepting this enormous undertaking. Your efforts have been good for all. Til tomorrow night!

    • Brownstone Literary Works Says:

      Your wait will be worthwhile a million fold…
      Telling the truth about what happened to Charley will blow your mind more than any fiction I could ever conjure could. This I promise. This I will deliver. Hold tight- this roller coaster ride will take a high banking curve, just before it dives and plummets into the darkness below!

  3. joseph Says:

    i like it

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