My dear reader…


My dear Charley,
Here on the cusp of a new year, I stand at a crossroads as to which direction I should take. If what I discovered yesterday is the tragic impetus why all this took place, then I am duty bound to keep silent and wait for those whose ears are ripe and skill sets vetted for such information. But is that what you want me to do? Keep under lock and key what has not seen the light of days in 44 years?

You, my dear man… for want of another’s ego and reputation… you and your remaining life was sacrificed? My heart, infantile as it is in my current evolution bleeds from generations not my own for your fathomless loss. Not with vengeance, but cognizant with compassion for the collateral damages suffered by your family do I walk headlong into the fires before me- certain to be burnt in the process by those who will deny and brutally call my reason into question. As your loyal second, I shall continue to pursue this causation and carefully chronicle each step in an effort to be most effective on your behalf. As you have always backed me with the steely strength burgeoning behind those gray eyes, I shall with token likeness push forward into the unknown.

With steady determination guide this hand across each page and follow with blithe spirit all mental escapades that I might wander until I reach the ultimate destination of justice you desire. Oh Charley… why you chose to wait for me to tell this tale confounds me and yet perhaps no other vessel was both willing and emotionally disposed to take such a protracted journey. I think about all the people whose lives were altered by your birth. I think about all the people whose lives you could have graced after the fact and am humbled by your decision to rest such a weighty proposition upon such feeble shoulders as my own to serve as prompt for destiny.

It is with both honor and humility that I shall act as courier and scribe for your voice. Lead now with tempered judgment where it is you need for me to follow further and place my own as guardrail to give heavenly margin to all I am about to do. Could you have found a better Michael to fight your battle on this plane, would such a platform do better in their gilded hands? If so, then I beg that you allow them intercession so as to do better justice to your cause than such a fledgling as I. As another lamb patiently wandering in the Garden of Gethsemane, I ask not that you consider a more noble warrior to carry your shield, but rather that you bolster what tenacity you see in me to weather what will surely become the perfect storm upon publication of this intent.

My dear reader… for those of you whose fidelity has been great, know this – that if I could tell you now what all this had led to… you could no more be as shocked and saddened at the lowest common denominator of such lecherous and vile folly as I.

It is sometimes difficult to understand the shorthand of the dead and so my delays while they have been many… have also educated greatly. I have proposed my supposition and now wait for confirmation as to the governed direction of my confidences…

God help those who will litter this path with their lies.

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