And so it begins Charley…


If you go back to 1/15/10 at the very beginning of this adventure you will read about a dream I had concerning my parents and a train…
In the beginning, I did not understand. But now, I know what it was that I was being shown. It was the night of their honeymoon. They had been given train tickets and a night’s stay at a fancy hotel in Minneapolis as a wedding gift from her folks. The reason why she didn’t… or perhaps…couldn’t recognize me in the crowd of onlookers as she boarded the train with my father, was because I was as of that moment… at least in heaven… not born to them yet.

I often think of that dream. It reminds me of this case and how, as always it has worked itself backwards to me. Odd, isn’t it? That at 52, I should be shown my parents leaving for the beginning of their wedded bliss and me- standing in the crowd watching- not even a twinkle in their eye yet? In fact… there were six other twinkles before they ever got down to me. I am number 7 out of 10. Still… it was appropriate that they take me back to the beginning of their story- that I might appreciate the beginning of my own. Dead, they can take me there. Alive… they could not. Fitting prologue, as this is the way I write as well. I start at the end and work my way backwards to the beginning.

I love the fact that Charley understands this about me and so that is how he has allowed his story to unfold. From his ending… to my beginning… of his story.

“Chapter One…

It was getting late. The rain had danced around the clock from early that morning, till well after supper and while her cigarette lay dying in the ashtray- he eyed the second hand as it swept past the top of the hour and calculated his departure for the ride outside of town. She stood rigid at the sink and offered him a cup of coffee for the road. With even timbre he agreed. She wrung her hands on the damp kitchen towel clinging to her waist, while he plopped his Fedora atop the fridge before sliding into the chair opposite her. They had been fighting all day, but here finally… caffeine proposed a treaty and she took advantage of the moment to quietly reinstate her sovereignty and gauge his resistance to recommit…”

And so it begins Charley… your story… your night… your murder… your revenge!

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