Who orders sex like pizza…?

So riddle me this…
Who loans out the house? The house in the woods? And who orders sex like pizza and gets it delivered by the man that belongs to the red sports car? The one who runs errands… who picks up… and drops off? The one who delivers secrets and carries the package from here to there? Shhhhhhhhhhhhh… keep it quiet! They will see, they will hear.

Bed springs that squeak, but do not sigh live in the  house whose walls are riddled with guilt and blood.

Riddle me this…
Is this the house with the shingle roof? The hut… tucked away? Hmmmmm…
Long drive… long walk… long legs and long nights.
Do you  know?
Can you see?

Google Earth this __________________________.

Getting nervous, Grim?


The walls will talk- they have much to say. They have much to show… maybe even who really owned the lighter?

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