Let’s talk about currency…


Let’s talk about currency…
Currency is described in the dictionary as:
1. money;

a) a system of money, or the bills and coins themselves, used in a country

2. acceptance of an idea or term;

a) widespread acceptance or use of an idea, theory, word, or phrase

3. circulation;

a) the transmitting of something, especially money, from person to person

4. time when something is current;

a) the period of time during which something is current

Soooooooooo…. if we were to apply this to our players in Charley’s murder, what could we construct from this diatribe? Well, we could say that a form of currency, a form mind you that would be acceptable from one person to another could have taken place in the time frame that was current to Charley’s murder! You know… like a payoff maybe??!!

Ok… now that we have that covered; let’s discuss the most common forms of currency. Money, of course is the first thing that comes to mind….paper bills, checks and/or coins, stocks-bonds… but what other kinds of things were once used as currency in the olden days?

Think medieval times maybe. Currency could have been as basic as animals, slaves, gold, food stuffs-crops or material goods like fabrics, furs or metals, bartered chores, parcels of land… and even precious gems for those with loftier resources. Hmmmm….loftier resources, eh? Now that’s an interesting and intriguing idea-royalty in Valdosta? Even though certain folks in Valdosta back in 1966 behaved like animals, they still expected to be paid like royalty for their troubles. Hmmmm…. now what kind of currency, my dear readers might that entail? Think History Channel or the Discovery Channel kind of answers, my dear friends. Maybe even Natgeo channel? If it’s none of the above- well, except for the land thing, of course- what else might be of trade for one’s absolute loyalty? (Uh-oh, sorry- Freudian slip)… I mean… royalty in 1966? Perhaps precious gems, like rubies, sapphires, emeralds and… what’s the one everybody thinks of first??? You know, the one that turns everybody’s head with its intrinsic flash and inherent forever value? What could that be again? I can almost see them… right there … in my own little hands… (Uh-oh… Freudian slip again) I mean, in G’s hands. What are they again? You know… the small, sparkly stones that capture your heart’s desire? Facets that display and broadcast your dying (Uh-oh… sorry, Freudian slip again) I mean, your undying fidelity- to one another? Or to something anyway. Like to a secret commitment? Or to a fraternity even? Hmmmm….think…. think…think… think!

Now what do you call those things?

Oh, I know! Could they be… the illustrious diamonds of epic fame? Why yes, dear readers it just might have been such diamonds! Loose- just like the women they kept their secrets about. Now, so as to make this understandable to the generic fellons still alive and spoken in the vernacular of their bucolic peasantry:

“Reckon what little miss G was doing with a handful of those, Bubba?”

Paying someone off… or being paid off maybe?
Hmmmm… Gives a whole new twist to the term gold digger, doesn’t it? Funny thing though… about this particular arrangement, I mean?

When you think of Valdosta… who thinks of diamonds?
Silly readers- that’s so obvious!!
If diamonds are a girl’s best friend… then what do you think they are for a man?
They’re called an insurance plan!

Now what man would need to pay a lady off in loose diamonds? Or have that lady pay somebody else off in loose diamonds? Wow… that’s a really tough question! Those diamonds sure paid somebody for their silence, didn’t they?

Ha… ha… ha! The folks may have kept their silence… but too bad they forget to tell the diamonds, cause baby… they are screeching their heads off now!!!

Riddle me this:
What do these three things have in common?
Loose diamonds
New Hampshire
And the number 77

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