Time to do a little digging of my own…


They are telling me to go back over information that I disregarded earlier as unimportant. My gut instincts tell me this may have something to do with the MOT. There is a possibility that there is a relative still living. I will research my records and go back through his death certificate.

There is a tie to Tifton… a tie to Augusta and a tie to Valdosta. He was there the night Roxanne was strangled. He is the key to information. He was beaten to death because he would… or rather could not tell the four in flannel where “IT” was hidden and how many more were made.

Time to do a little digging of my own… reporter style.
Did he live or just work in Tifton?
Why was he in Valdosta?
Why was he at the Daniel Ashley hotel?
When did he contact Charley?
Why did they beat him?
Who else knew about “IT” other than the four in flannel and  Charley who was murdered 6 days before him?

I’m tracking your moves, Grim… I’m on your trail!

One Response to “Time to do a little digging of my own…”

  1. D P Says:

    Call the lawyer, we want to know!

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