The MOT knew too much…

Usually if I make an appeal to Charley… he answers. So I will ask him this.
Why did the MOT go to you for protection, Charley?
What was it about you that the MOT felt he could trust?
Why did he think you could keep him safe?
Was the MOT involved with everything… or just the porn and prostitution end of the criminal activity?
Was he involved with the railroad deal… or the loose diamonds?

One thing’s for sure.
He must have been in deep. All those who were systematically taken out were in too deep. The MOT knew too much. He had to die, but not before they got their information. Too bad the four in flannel got a little too enthusiastic in his beating. Poor man suffered a heart attack right there in that hotel bed. Not far from the restaurant they all sat at. Not far from the railroad lines. Not far from the county jail. Not far from the courthouse. Not far from… well. I can keep a secret-can you???
So dear readers, did he go to Charley because Jessica and Roxanne had been to see Charley? Because Jessica had told Charley about, _________, who was the father of her child? A man who was married for one and a __________ for another? A man who liked his status. A man who enjoyed his_______ game and his membership at the country club. A man who thought he was going places- and did. A man who thought he had gotten away with murder?
But let’s back it up a bit. So how and when did the MOT find out about Jessica and Rox? Who made those introductions? As stated before; Jessica and Rox worked together. Girls talk. They took out Jessica and then kept things on the down low-waiting for things to quiet down. Listening for the rumors… the ones only a few had the guts to whisper about. But they knew. They all knew where Jessica had gone, but too many of them could have been fingered for other misdeeds so they held their tongues. They sat and watched and waited… and they might have gotten away with it, until Rox made a terrible mistake. She started asking questions. Then the people she told started asking them too.
When the four in flannel decided Rox had to go… well? The MOT was there. They threatened. The MOT was going to be framed. The MOT needed an insurance policy. He got one. He shared it with Charley. Charley shared it with ___________. Then __________ turned his back on Charley and turned the information over to the Grim Reaper, who in turn set him up for the kill.
The poor MOT.
He really never stood a chance, did he?
And my friend, Charley?
Well, Charley never stood one either… until now.

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