Until later then… the Cardinals have returned!


It saddens me that I am now at the end of the first full month of this year and while so much is happening in all other areas of my life that the momentum for this has slowed a bit. In my eagerness to get all things in motion on my mental calendar, I have been annoyed at the lag- but understand that this is exactly how it is meant to unfold. I am being allowed space to get all other things in order and so while it pains me- it frees me. Yesterday as I was walking the dogs with my husband I watched a cardinal and his mate flit from branch to branch- wished a fair hello to my parents who are synonymous with such spirit guides and questioned the lack of their audience of late. Today I was presented first off with an article about Cardinals as possible spirit guides; their association and the meaning of such visitations. It was reassuring.

In like token… I filled my hours away from this blog in work pursuits and carved out an hour the other night trying to prepare for an upcoming speaking engagement and in doing so decided to that I would use the first book- The Danburg Diary as basic foundation to discuss research and academic processing issues- but bring the new book- Charley (WORKING TITLE: The Coffee Pot Conspiracy… an Exercise in Evil) into spotlight by reading several pieces from the blog. In doing so, I rummaged through some of the sessions with R and much to my surprise… rediscovered several clues left untapped or un-quantified thus far.

Clues like;
Route 44
The energy referred to as, Kowalski-train/railroad/thick rimmed black glasses-male who worked for RR and knew Hazel
321 and 342 NW out of Valdosta- rail road hauling moonshine for JF and cronies
Initials K and J- tied to Futch and moonshine running
Ace of spades-black
Seven of spades
Two missing crime scene photos- only 6 of 8 remain
Gold boxes- lining a wall- long corridor- looking around to see if he is being watched
Seeing something so horrible-blood on his hands- taking a bath
The white kitten- the man who was giving Charley a white kitten to give to Julie
Hotel/motel- they did tricks there… starts with the word Red…
Man whose son had trouble with one leg- a brace, could not run fast; one of two siblings-boy/girl
Who owned Sam Daily’s back then- who ran it for the owner?
The cheese cutter there- lacerations on Charley’s arms by G and RW- tied to the store
The MOT’s daughter-J

Who is the man with the three legged dog? He has a bad eye?

I need to find him. I need to find the connections to the other clues and I will… but it is becoming increasingly obvious that there is more I must learn first. I pause in between school and packing to read from The Legacy of Barbara Marx Hubbard and the Future of YOU by Neale Donald Walsch and know that on some cosmic level… Barbara Marx Hubbard and I have already met.

Until later then… the Cardinals have returned!

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