I’ve been waiting for you!


You think the universe doesn’t listen? Do no be so foolish- it listens! The other day I sent a message to R asking why Charley had gone AWOL on me. She insisted Charley had not gone AWOL- he was waiting for me to learn a lesson; stating I may not even know what that lesson is yet.

Life brings us lessons everyday, so in my eagerness to appease… I began to try and discern what other lesson I should be learning that was so significant that Charley felt he had to step away for a bit from me. Ego came first to the table- was it not enough that I had publicly performed an act of contrition for any unrealized slights? The answer came back… maybe that’s not the lesson you were supposed to learn, you schmuck!

Maybe… just maybe… he was asking that I begin to walk the rest of this road alone. That I learn I can trust my instincts more and keep my vision focused- but not myopic- as there is a difference and that he no longer needs to hold my hand each step of the way. To be sure, the previous catharsis carried weight. Of that I have no doubt, for that very afternoon I received the call I have been waiting for, for over three months and also…in the end of the message he said I had figured everything out, but that my fourth choice was wrong. Now, all along I had felt solid on three of the four in flannel- the identity of the fourth gave me fits. Why? Because the field of suspects opened up into a freaking buffet of who’s who, who wanted Charley out of the picture-that’s why! The fourth in the, four in flannel could have been a number of folks- each fitting into the slot- round peg, square hole. None a perfect fit and try as I might, Charley would not confirm a one of them. Sooooo…. like a woman in a shoe store, I tried on every shoe that looked right- but felt wrong.
But Charley took pity on me and gave me one final clue that painted a red target on this suspect’s ass like a neon “Come and get it” sign! The man who smoked the strange smelling pipe!
Go back… do you remember back when I was desperate to find the man who smoked a pipe with mint tobacco? His nickname popped up every time Charley spoke- but then he shared this nickname with 6 other people who ran throughout this entire cover-up and even though now it means I must make minor adjustments here and there within my summation- I believe I finally have it right. The identity of this person even gives new importance to the $3.00 lighter Charley bought at Morris’s Pawn Shop.

In 1966- you didn’t have throw-away lighters. You invested in a real lighter- especially if you were a pipe/cigar smoker. It all seems to fit now; bringing the information full circle. The man with the red hair- the go to guy that told the shooter what to do that night. The man with the red hair, who was there that night at the gun swap… The man with the red hair who was as intimate with the porn ring as the other three. The man on the inside who helped with the $$$… and maybe even held the keys to the gold colored box # ******. Not a mailbox!
Not a mailbox… but maybe a bank vault?

Hmmmmmmm…. we shall see! We shall see!

Well… welcome home #4. I’ve been waiting for you!

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