Guess what? I have a feather for you too.

The other day, I was watching from a dock as tiny waves made their way- one by one in succession towards the sandy shore. Water can be a very calming mechanism of nature for me, but no less than other earthly elements such as: autumn sunshine, turning foliage and silent snow falls. All, I find incredibly calming. Waves in rhythmic sequence can also bring a soulful cadence to your breathing- can reset your internal clock and level out your chaotic thoughts… and this set of waves did much the same for me that day. As always, I was focused on Charley and the journey before me and while the waves calmed- they energized me too, because there was something inherently different about this particular set of waves.
Now before you begin to parse my words and start seeing hidden meanings and cryptic conspiracies–calculating potential distances between each rolling echo–I will tell you the truth-straight up! In addition to the wonders just mentioned- these waves brought yet another gift. My gratitude to the cosmos is immense, for how blessed am I now, that I have been trained to recognize such simplicities as harbingers’ of great intellectual wealth.
We all know my somewhat recent fascination with what gifts find the shores before me. The misshapen piece of driftwood that reminds me of a childhood toy, the odd embedded goggle- minus one lens, the reluctant rubber glove that bobs and begs for a more mysterious destination…
All those are equally fantastic, but this gift was very extraordinary. An indicator of sorts… not the actual gift itself… but the precursor signaling the impending arrival of the gift.
The gift was knowledge.
The precursor?
A feather.
A slender white and brown dusted goose feather-nothing greater- yet it held great portent. It rode the wave as gracefully as if sent from heaven. Of course, knowing it was from an earthly origin became a clue in and of itself.
Now, my dear readers…why should such an insignificant, naturally occurring object floating on top of the water be so revered by someone like myself?
Because, in the spiritual realm- a feather placed in your path- is not an accident- it is a symbol that you are about to receive an important message from someone.
Today, I have received that message.
If you are reading this- then you know who you are.
Guess what? I have a feather for you too.

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