Like tin soldiers… one by one they fall.


Like tin soldiers… one by one they fall.

Yesterday another key witness died and their demise grieves me in more than one way. For this individual’s soul- may the path of illumination be clear and may their contribution to this case, have not be in vain. Because I know there is a process that must first take place; I do not see further information from this source for awhile on the other side of the veil… but while alive… this individual was a great help to discovering more about what happened to Jessica and Roxanne, both. And how ironic is this?
The day before that… a feather.
Yesterday… another feather.
So much information gained and yet, so much information lost. The clock continues to tick for them all and now I find out that at the same time I was driving through Augusta on the Carl Sanders Highway- past the burial home of the MOT- this individual was making their way to the ultimate weigh station, stalling in their path, waiting on further directions. I knew something was afoot in the cosmos even as I saw the sign. And last night I saw a missed call on my phone and knew something important had happened. Then late into the wee hours of the morning, as I passed through the same area on my way back home from Columbia, S.C., I saw the sign again as lightening flashed across the sky and I knew it was not just for grins that it continued to present itself to me.

Thus far this weekend has seen two deaths and we know they always come in three’s, so… the clock ticks.

How many more tin soldiers will fall before we can end this case? How many more obstacles to surmount before my dear Charley, Jessica, Roxanne and the MOT receive justice?

How are you feeling Grim and who would you rather face? Those who must now carry on the torch of investigation… or the ultimate investigator who already knows all your sins?
Tick… tick… tick… tick…

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