I was not the only one to see the feathers fall…


I was not the only one to see the feathers fall…
There are others who know of what I speak. Almost two years ago they told me about her… the woman with the injured foot. Speak to her for she knows many things. She will talk… she will tell.

The clouds gathers at the edge of the storm and you can feel the slight upturn of the breeze from here. Did she talk… did she tell? Of course she did, you fool. No one wants to carry such vile secrets with them into eternity, for there can be no way to take such words back… or bury their meaning once spoken.

Look to the bloody shovel and the compass she told me…
Look for the lack of water in the lungs…
Look for the bruises…
Look to the Fort…

Look to Grim!

So, did she talk about everything? Do not be foolish enough to think that only the dead have something to say, Grim. They talk… in the end… they all talk-DEAD or ALIVE.

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