He’s no Einstein!


So far, today is a good day…

In the theatre world a new season is just about to begin and it is my favorite time of year. Though in the physical world a new season has yet to appear, Sweetgum leaves have commenced to turning and they give me hope of the eventual cool and awe of Indian summer’s boast.

I promised you a secret the other day, didn’t I?

Hmmmm…. Well, what if I told you I am tired of sharing mine? How about Grim begins to share some of his instead? How ‘bout it Grim? Brave enough now to step to the plate and tell the truth yet? What’s that? Not enough funerals for you yet? Still too many who can point their boney fingers at you and call you out on a lie? What’s that? I didn’t hear you…

Hmmm. Thought so! Not to worry. I have Miss M as back-up. What was that Miss M? Something about the man with the black curl? Something about Albert Einstein again? Silly girl! He didn’t live in Valdosta. So, just how many Albert’s do you know Miss M???

Oh… that Albert! No… he’s no Einstein!

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