Where is my letter?



Today a cold front came through. It wasn’t much, but it meant you could walk around without
sweating and ride with the windows down and not wilt. It was the kind of unexpected cooling that makes you wish for cooler days and colder nights. Not quite as cool as the night you could see your breath suspended above your
battered face, Roxanne…but just a month or so shy of it.


August- so close to September! And of course September always makes me think of
you, Roxy. Pretty, sweet Roxanne- the girl who fell down the ravine and hurt
her arm. You know…Jessica’s friend. How frightened she must have been after
Jess went missing. She was too trusting. She gave the MOT a watch as a present and
a token of her affections, so he gave her a beautiful broach. Of course he forgot
to mention he had stolen it from Miss M, which of course made M very, very
angry… which is probably why she never warned Rox she was next on the list!!!
But good ole Roxanne, still naïve in the heart saw the precious token as his
binding commitment to her- she hugged his neck and in return- they broke hers! The
MOT, scared and caught between a rock and a hard place stood silent as he
watched Grim, the pipe smoker and Albert Einstein beat the crap out of her.
Then they tossed a coin and the loser strangled her right there on the ground.


Now every
year as the summer season starts to wind its way towards fall– I think of her.
The young, beautiful baker from Harvey’s…
gasping for air beneath the tree where everyone carved their names. The tree
that stood not too far from the infamous clubhouse where booze and broads went
hand in… hand? The clubhouse she could see as she lay dead in the moonlight-
just before they threw her body in the upper lake.


So how long
did you leave her there, Grim? One day? Two? And who was in the boat fishing
that night that saw it all? Let’s see if he will come forward too! My, my- he
must have quite a tale to tell. The sounds, the screams…

And isn’t it
amazing that they found her just one lake up from where she was asked to sexually
entertain law enforcement and other officials whose wives sat idealistically at
home, thinking their husbands were out chasing criminals. How ignorant these
women who sat tucked in tufted chairs, feasted on TV dinners and watched their children
as they watched their favorite programs before going to bed.


I will not
forget what they did to you, Roxanne.

I will not
forget you what they did to you either, Jessica.


Talk to me
girls… we are so close now. Justice will be served, but I need you to give me
just a little more! Jessica? Your father was tied to S- the insurance
salesman.  Find R and tell her what you
need to say about the barbed wire tied around your ankles.  And Roxanne? The MOT is gone now too. You can
help clear his name by helping me. Don’t worry about the rest of them who have
passed. They cannot touch you.

Look G in
the eye- spit in her face and tell her where to go back to! Give me the details
I need to find the MOT’s watch- find the bloody shovel- find the compass and
bury them once and for all!


Where is my
letter from Tallahassee?
Why haven’t you mailed it yet? You know Charley and I wait patiently for it to
arrive. Do not delay further. Now is the time.


I can see
the fear behind your Grim’s eyes… feel the chill from your breath as you pant
and pace liked a caged animal between your fears and frustrations. Once the
book is done, this ought to make a-hell-of-a movie! So what do you think???
Want Tommy Lee Jones to play you in the movie? He makes for a pretty creepy guy
when he wants to.


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