At first I thought he had heard something …


The morning air is cool and the water on the lake clear and smooth and the sun is just spreading its fingers towards the shoreline… this is a day to stay home and reap the benefits of nature, but alas… duty calls!

In truth I would have loved the prospect of staying at home to ruminate over something that happened yesterday. The theatre has brought many interesting and fascinating people into my life and I have been blessed by their passions and their presence upon the stage. Yesterday I saw a feather on the floor of the theatre and laughed to myself. Now, you know my feather segue, right? That when one is placed in your path it is a sign of a forthcoming message or important information and so one must remain alert? Well, the reason why I laughed was because this was not a bird feather as is generally understood to be the bearer of such gifts… this was a feather from a costume boa and while wildly appropriate for me- I worried that perhaps my preoccupation with such, meant I was seeing shadows where there were none!  

In order for this to make sense to you… let’s go back just a few hours. The night prior, exhausted from 2- 12 hours days back to back, I got home from the theatre after 11:30 PM and so by the time I took care of toiletry issues and what-not… it was after midnight before I got into bed.  Falling asleep wasn’t the issue; it was staying asleep that became the trick!

Normally when there is some sort of “extra” activity in the house, it is the Westie that perks up her ears. That night however, it was the miniature Dachshund Schnitzel that cleared a path from the bottom of the bed to my shoulder and proceeded to watch the air above me with rapacious curiosity. At first I thought he had heard something outside the window… another dog calling in the night from afar. I listened, but heard nothing but the endless drone of my husband’s C-PAP machine. I sat up a bit further to increase my awareness and then noticed that his sightline adjusted with my every move. I tried to pet and cajole him back under the covers, but he ignored my attention and continued to stare directly above and around me. I would have thought little of it if not for the fact that he began to whimper.

The next morning I awoke to an enthusiastic note from an editor who asked about other works of mine. I directed her to my web site and told her if she liked the premise of this book- Charley’s book, she would love the next one too! Then I gave her a brief synopsis of the book; “THE DEAD LINE … Confessions of a Dixie Mafia Assassin” (copyright2010).  While that in and of itself begs nothing; thus enters the feather! This added to the manifestation of my midnight visitor, the refocus of my attentions on my Dixie Mafia story and my asking for daily guidance, sans the feather and you have another set-up by the infamous “they” for segue.

Stay with me now…there is a pattern!

I was fortunate to cast a wonderful Disney show this last week and was even more grateful to have been blessed with new talent from outside the usual pool. This someone had a conflict and so dropped by the theatre early to pick up music and CD of show.  Grateful for the introduction, I spent several minutes in pleasant conversation with this individual. From the very start I told him how happy I was to finally meet him and that I had felt for some unknown reason the introduction was meant to be. We chatted further and low and behold I found out he was a fellow writer. Anxious to “join up” with another member of the herd, so to speak, I asked about his literary accomplishments. He shared about one story and then gave me the title to a second. Now, you all l know what I freak I am about cool titles and my process… so intrigued, I asked about the storyline.

 He politely asked about mine for Charley’s. I warned that since he was of strong religious persuasion, he might not take kindly to my methods. But using a psychic medium detective to help solve cold case murders didn’t seem to bother him, so I told him more about my relationship with Charley and directed him to my web site as well to read this blog. With the early morning editor comments fresh on my mind- I then told him about  my next book–“THE DEAD LINE… Confessions of a Dixie Mafia Assassin” (Copyright 2010).

Now here’s where the kicker comes in!!!

He tells the title of his second book…

I tell him mine.

He tells me his book is about his father.

I tell him mine is about a Dixie Mafia assassin.

He tells me his father was purported to have been killed by the Dixie Mafia.

I ask where.

He tells me the county.

I lived there once.

He tells me the town.

It was my town, two towns ago.

He tells me the community.

It was the community where I raised my children and met Julie- Charley’s daughter.

He gives me a more precise location.

 I once owned a farm there.

He tells me his father’s murder was never solved.

I smile- the circle is completed. I then tell him I have… shall we say…”other information” and that I  might be able to help him.

We both agree that the meeting seems orchestrated from afar and I can tell he is emotionally affected by the encounter.  My heart flutters and I get that tugging in my gut. I recognize it as one of the “ah-ha” moments I affectionately call my “Oh Sh_” moments and  after he leaves,  I call R and tell her.  She agrees with me that it was not a random meeting. That in fact we were placed in each other’s pathway.

I pause and tell her how much I love  the syncrinicity in life.  Then do you know what she said?

“Do you understand the name… Mark?”

I tell her no, but I did not understand the word OSTRICH or the MOT two years ago either!  Perhpas I have misunderstood the true coining of my title- THE DEAD LINE…  Maybe there is another twist, even to my twist!???

When I got to the parkling lot, the car next to mine had the license tag numbers: 0777

Look it up people!

How’s that for guidance???

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