Today it read…


Today began wonderfully and now I am not so certain it will end in quite the same way. Did you ever think that maybe you were supposed to be doing something else… to pay the bills? Maybe on another ladder to the stars… a higher rung? To try to get more $$ in your back pocket to make the stretch between checks not so tight… to serve better hours so you wouldn’t be on the roads so late at night? So you can do all those other crazy things you think you are supposed to be doing like, going to school and working hard, enjoying your family, paying your bills…

Well, I have tried twice now in the last few months to be effective in a new course of action.  But I guess I should just leave things to the fates, because the energies spent apparently will not be paying off.   I was hoping to hear good things this week about a new path…looking for a break… some relief. 

I am now faced with receiving quite the opposite results in kind.

That would explain the message I saw this morning on the same church as “Make the call now!” message of last week.

 Today it read:

“Where God leads you… he needs you.”

I get that… I do.

But what happens when you and God have a difference of opinion, because where you are doesn’t allow for fastidious solutions to your problems? At least… the kind of solutions you understand?

So I wait for an explanation. Until then… faith?

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