Go forth this day…


If I am not
mistaken, today is the first day of the Autumnal Equinox…so walk into a new season with a new
zest for all that makes you warm inside. Cherish this season and be well, knowing
that even though the hours in our lives revolve about us in chaos and absolute
anarchy of our wishes… all is still well and orderly in the cosmos.

How do I know?

Because last
night I was reminded that even as I shine in my glory or wallow occasional in
my disappointments, I remain truly blessed. I will not be prosaic for the
simple act of being prosaic… but will tell you that I have been consumed of
late with things that seem to detour me from whom and what I truly am and my
frustrations at such have been monumental.

Perhaps as reminder or prompt to
refocus, I received a call in the middle of a rehearsal that my middle child
had had a seizure while behind the wheel of her car and an ambulance was
enroute. Fortunately the caller instructed, she must have entered a parking lot
the minute she realized things were not right and just before she began to
seize- tried to park the car- but ran into a wall instead. Beforehand she tried
to make two calls for help- one to myself and one to her younger sister. Her
younger sister got the call just as the seizure began and made it to her side,
but not until after the car had hit the wall and several people had gathered to
try and help and called an ambulance.

In the end,
the blessings were great. She could have stayed in traffic. She could have hit
another car… or a person instead of a blue wall. She could have been killed
or hurt someone else. The possibilities were endless and brutal. After several
hours at the ER she was released. But here’s the part I love. First- even in
the throes of something frightening, her instinct was to reach for family
knowing we’d be there. Second, when we were patiently awaiting her dismissal
hours later… we filled our time by reviewing several periodicals left in the
racks in her room. I new she was shaken about the public display; the damage to
her car and her dignity, the medical and legal complications that might ensue
from this episode… and so gave her a Christmas Issue of a Paula Dean magazine to comfort and distract.
There inside amidst pictures of peppermint trees, snowflake cookies with mint icing and
coconut covered cakes that sported bright red ornaments as decorations, sat the
tiny figure of a red cardinal on a sprig of holly… my mother.

I get it now.
I got it then… and so did she.

With tears
in her eyes she looked up at me from a tangle of IV wires and said, “Grandma
was there protecting me.”

Thank you
mom… I miss you.

Go forth
this day and give someone you love a hug, be they here or passed. Make the
conscious effort to connect. Your guardian angel may be someone you already

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