Charley says I have it all figured out…


Last night I was interrupted in my writing four times. The first call was a sister, the second a friend. The last two, one of my own back to back. While the interruptions were not terribly long, they broke my rhythm and so I reread several pages over and over, trying to re-establish my thought pattern before picking up the proverbial pen again. Once solidly connected, another call came through. The last call took precedence.

I tried to help a child with a problem and in the end, ended up helping myself. I am certain that the message I was giving her was actually meant for me and that God and/or Charley or my parents had provided her as catalyst. I listened to her concerns. I comforted and then I advised as to how I thought would be best to handle. Gratitude for what you have already and then allow surprise to be what happens if more should arrive!

Why is it we give others the benefit of our years and yet when we have need to counsel ourselves… we automatically discount our own words? Curious… isn’t it? We spent an hour on the phone working out the logistics of her issue and when completed I simply smiled at the 8×10 on my writing desk. “Ok… I got it. I’m just as bad as she is. I ask, I receive, I thank and then I ask for more.” Charley only smiled.

When I was finished, I returned to the book and picked up the thread. I was at the point of this past January when things were slower; school and packing to move were prominent and Charley had so many clues dangling in the air that had loose ends I could not follow his lead. While I was writing, I addressed certain questions.

This morning I finally saw an email that came through last night: “Message from Charley… He came through just now and showed me himself writing the word “Lisbon” on a piece of paper. Also, something like… “It is the first name on your list. You have figured it out!”

Is this Jessica’s real last name and not _______? Is this the name that applies to the intial L in the clue, an energy of an older man G was involved with, referred to as the energy LT? Is this the precursor to Granger? Or is this Lisbon, as in Portugal?

Charley says I have it all figured out. The trouble is… if I have. I just don’t know I have…yet. But I will!!!!!!

So, Grim?

What does Lisbon stand for?

2 Responses to “Charley says I have it all figured out…”

  1. Bonnie Giles Says:

    I am absolutely on the edge of my chair! I listen to the news each and every night with anxious anticipation. You are awesome!!

    • Brownstone Literary Works Says:

      Thanks for being you! Your enthusiasm makes all this worthwhile. Sometimes I get discouraged. So much information, so much room for error or misinterpretation. Still Charley keeps coming through and keeping me on track…for that I am grateful! Thank you again. Please feel free to contact me sometime!

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