“If you build it…”




The movie
“Field of Dreams” is on and heart strings are being pulled every which
way…back to my innocence… back to my youth… back to my roots. When did I
become so complicated? When did life become so complicated? When did talking to
dead people and solving crimes become the steady heartbeat that keeps me alive?


I seem to be caught these days
between who I used to be and who my higher self wants me to be. In between I
have to learn how to live with circumstances I never saw as possible in my
world before. Me and Ray Consella… we are as one. Perhaps that movie and my
love of it so many decades ago was a precursor to where and who I would be now?

‘If I build
it… he will come.’

If I build
what, who will come…Charley?


I know that
in order to bring closure to my world I must bring closure for Charley. That is
a given. What I do not know, is if I have the courage to commit to the whole
run. I write, I ask, I write, I beg… I need more clues, more confirmation and
yet as every turn I hear- YOU HAVE ENOUGH! But do I?


Do I have
enough information and confirmations to name names and tell what I perceive as
the truth?

Amaretto on the rocks and a beautiful breeze off the lake I can commit to one
thing today… I will watch this movie; remember who I used to be and try to
divine how I got from that person to who I am now.

If I build
it… maybe the person who will appear, will be me.


On a lighter note:

Who is the man Granger? Why Dalton, Georgia and who wore the olive green uniform jacket with the two yellow stars?

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