The order of the day…


begins again for me in earnest next week and so too, the opening of my huge fall production. I
delayed my classes as far into the semester as possible so I could continue to
work on the book and get my job directives set for the remainder of the year.
Now with little time remaining for unfettered research, I must capitulate to
schedule demands and pray that Charley and the others will continue to work
within my constraints.


“So let’s
have a chat…” as Charley says.


What would
the business card of Charley’s insurance agent be doing in the room with Grim, the
pipe smoker and the MOT? What is the connection here? We know that the name on
the card has a direct tie to a high ranking state official, perhaps even a
familial tie. We know that the MOT was directly tied to both Jessica and
Roxanne… in fact he helped them get legitimate jobs. His bond with Roxanne
was paternal almost and she trusted him-so much so that Roxanne may have even given the MOT a token
of her affection; a watch with something engraved on it.


Seems to be
the order of the day, this giving of gifts.


G supposedly
gave Charley a lighter for his Birthday three weeks before he was murdered.


Roxanne gave
the MOT a watch before they both were murdered.


The MOT gave
Charley a copy of his tape.


Charley gave
his son replacement tapes for the ones he borrowed.

G gave…Hmmmmm?
Well now. We all know what G gave. G
gave everything to everybody! She wasn’t very discriminating, I guess.


The pipe smoker
gave Jessica a shovel to her face.


The pipe
smoker gave a crushed windpipe to Roxanne.


Roxanne gave
a scratch to Grim’s left eye… you can see it just under his glasses.


Charley gave
the Sheriff a copy of the tape.


The shooter
gave the go to guy the other gun.


The go to
guy gave everybody orders.


Theodore gave away Miss M’s purple orchid brooch to Roxanne.


Carlos gave
the others information.


The farmer
gave away…cheese. Or was that a cheese cutter and a lunch box that carried
what inside? Hmmmm….


And Hazel? Hazel
gave her life for her family and the dignity of her deceased husband.


So Grim?
What you will you give away today? The truth? Somebody will. Somebody is going
to begin to get very nervous, very soon and decide it is not worth going to the
grave tainted.


How about it

boots? You want to weigh in? The farmer in the dale-you? How about you Grim?
You know about it all. You could clear up a few questions I still have? After
all, the truth can’t be any worse than something I could just make-up… could


You bet it


“Open the
white envelope- just open it!” Charley says. Gee…. I wonder what might be


this is interesting! What? What is that??

money? Wow… who knew! Maybe we should go buy a new suit with that money.
Maybe a man’s new suit. Now where would I find counterfeit money and an ascot,
all in the same building????


Until later

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