So where are you Ryan Snodgrass?




In the
avalanche of information, there are still so many stones yet to be removed to
get to the truth. Charley writes the word Lisbon
or maybe a name Liz Bon for her on a paper that sits at an angle on a podium
inside a room.


My guess is
that it is the funerary register at Carson McLane Funeral Home or at a
church…some sort of sign in sheet… but it must be related to his death somehow
or he wouldn’t be bringing it up.


The new
information from the box coincides with two of Hazel’s warnings:

“Look for
the paper with the hieroglyphics” and “I just threw it in there…in the box. I
had it all along! I had it all along and I never knew it.”


Charley told
me to ‘open it- just open it.’ I did. I get segue, I believe… but there is

Is this
where the story of Ryan Snodgrass, my mystery emailer comes into play?


What I can’t
figure out is why they keep showing me the four roads:

Sarah Touchton Rd.

Sanders Field Rd.

Jack Henderson Rd.


Robert Wetherington Rd.


Well, that’s
not really true. They are showing me the roads because of the name attached to
the roads: Touchton, Sanders, Henderson, and Wetherington.


What do
these names all have in common?



So what is
the common thread other than that? What is there about the tires and the river
that surround a house near them all? What happened on the 17th by
the river, Charley? What happened there?



So where are
you Ryan Snodgrass?

I have the letter
from the white envelope… the scent of fresh linens, the stains of counterfeit
money…but wish to ask a few more questions and would like for you to contact

I may be
able to help you with your part of the story.

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