Tonight is the last night…




As I drove
through the countryside this morning; cherished the colors of the season, and noted the deep
blue of an autumn sky bristled by the stubble of freshly harvested cotton fields… I
chanced to ponder the significance of the day.


Tonight is
the last night of Charley’s life…

Forty five
years ago on October 8, 1966 Charley was still at home on stand-by, mowing the
yard, swinging children on swings and being the man he had become.

Hazel was
still married and determined to make her marriage work.

Julie still
had a father and a world of joy ahead of her.


On this eve
of Charley’s death, I pause to reflect about all the small and large things
that have happened since I stood at the appointed hour with Julie, in the
middle of a blacktop road just 1000 feet from the Withlacoochee River
one year ago.


I have had
more than one visitation by the man I defend.

I have seen
my mother and felt her tender touch as she bid me to let go of the past.

I have done
my best to honor Charley’s death, Hazel’s horror and Julie’s loss.

I have
completed one year of school and remained on the Dean’s List as I struggle with
a new path for my life.

I have moved
with fragile confidence towards the life of my dreams.

I have heard
the words and wisdom of my dear friend R as she walks me through this

I have made
two more comrades in my quest for truth.

I have been
blessed to receive information from a second psychic who was contacted by one of
my young female victims.

I have heard
from a trusted ally in the great beyond and found confirmation.

I have found
the owner of the lighter.

I have traced
the lineage of a key witness.

I have named
the four in flannel.

I have been
accused of witchery.

I have been
helped and hindered by those who fear the unknown.

I have made
peace with some internal wars.

I have
watched my children grow.

I have
watched myself learn to live outside my head.

I have been
guided by angels, both ethereal and corporeal.

I have found
myself a new road to travel and an old road to watch fade in the distance.

I have been
places emotionally and intellectually I never thought possible for this old

I have been
told of release and the promise of closure.

I have seen
the feathers and the power of their presence in my life.

I have given
my formal report.

I have begun
the book.


On this eve
of eves…I ask that Charley be spared the reliving of his death and that he be
left alone for the next 48 hours to watch the efforts made on his behalf
blossom into the justice he deserves.

This is my
prayer… this is my purpose.


Oh and I
forgot the most important thing!

I have made
several people very, very, very, very nervous.

I love that


For you

For you

For you

For you MOT.


For Julie…for

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