Can you feel it coming?




The date
pretty much says it all.

I have
carried a photo of Charley with me all day long as a constant reminder that
today was the ending and the beginning of so many things… the end of this
life and the beginning of something beyond.


I had fully
expected to start my day in thought of Charley and his family and to do so
somewhat alone. I knew Julie would be in thought today, but I was surprised
when I opened my email to find that R had received a visit from him early this
morning. He showed her papers he was going through in the back of his car. And
the name of who he was gathering papers on.

I am half
heartedly wishing to post it here, but am reticent as I must be able to vet if
it is a name… a word… or has a separate meaning I am yet to discover. What
is clear though is that Charley still has information to give me and I am happy
to receive it.


Today was
difficult for me. I had a show and homework to deal with and even though both went
well, I had so wanted to be able to leave the day for just thoughts of Charley and
clues still left undone. With his photo near, I drove the long drive home
listening quietly to music, watching the clouds build across the horizon and in
between thoughts of Charley. As the wheels dodged swirling masses of leaves and pine straw
that crawled across the roads with every breeze, I mentally connected with his memory and held his hand knowing what lie ahead for him.


I cannot
possibly know what you were feeling that night my dear man, as your life and images of your wife and
children flashed before your eyes. How could they do what they did? How could
they have continued to lie about it for 45 years? Tonight is the last October 9th
that Charley will suffer without justice… it is a promise I intend to keep.


So Grim, may
the night not finish without both you and the other four in flannel still living, knowing
that this is the last October you all walk as free men. Even if they never place
you all behind bars… everyone will soon know what  you all have done.


As my
favorite Egyptian Ramses Two…

“So let it
be written… so let it be done.”

The clock
continues to click… the pages continue to fill and the book is fast becoming finished.
They will know Grim. Even if I have to alter the names of the guilty…everyone
who has ever met you will know what you did forty five years ago. They will
know about you and the others who plotted and planned to take away Charley’s
life, to keep your lives of greed, deceit and debauchery a secret. Death will
not protect those who have passed from shame…and a life of lies will not
protect those of you left from discovery. You can run, but you can no longer hide anymore,

It’s coming…. Can you feel it?



At 8:55 PM
Charley said goodbye to his wife and children.

At 2:30 AM
Charley was lain atop a cold steel gurney in the Pineville Hospital Morgue
while officers and agents miles away blocked the driveway of the widow and
refused to allow her to go to see her husband’s dead body. The list of those
who were that that night read like the who’s who inValdosta’s history.

Somewhere inbetween
those hours… Grim, G, the shooter and two others participated in taking his
life, hid the second gun and then staged the crime scene while the farmer
helped make the parade of witnesses count.


Think I do not know what you all have done? Do
not be so foolish.


Charley…reach for my hand and I will be there in spirit with you tonight…
tomorrow… and everyday from here to your eternity.

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