Grim was there to help pull Roxanne’s body out of the…




was the anniversary of my father-in-laws death and so a quiet moment to honor.
Today is the 13th  of October.
This is a very active day as far as astrology, but more important… Charley
had said this date was significant. What he didn’t tell me was why.


I do not
know if this significance is contemporary or meant for 1966. If it is meant for
today… than what energy will it bring? What news will I receive or what news
will others receive on my behalf? Perhaps Grim will receive a visit? Perhaps
Albert Einstein will be questioned about his silver engraved lighter? Or maybe the
farmer will finally tell the truth?


Maybe this
is noteworthy for 1966, in which we must think about the timelines of this collective
murder scenario:

Jessica was
murdered somewhere around the 11th of July, 1966.

Roxanne was
murdered somewhere about the 7th of October, 1966.

Charley was
slain on October 9th, 1966.

The MOT was
found dead on October 15th, 1966… but perhaps today is the  actual day he was beaten to death by the four
in flannel in the Daniel
Ashley Hotel?

perhaps this is the day Grim was there to help pull Roxanne’s body out of the
lake as his lights atop his patrol car swirled in the sky.


Or maybe…
this was the night they took her body in the dark and rolled it into the swamp
as the farmer next door watched in horror, but never said a word? No… that
was last night! Sorry!


You see
Grim, so many have information about you that some times I get ahead of myself.
But, that’s right. The farmer definitely said it was the night of October 12th
when he watched the bunch of you and your cronies take Roxanne’s body and dump
it across from you know where.


Maybe this
is the day I make the call about the name Charley gave me. Hmmmmm…


So today is
October 13th… what will Charley bring me today?

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