I feel Roxanne at my side, whispering, “Look for mine… find me.”


Today is the
last show in a production and yesterday I worked a show after a very long day
behind the wheel to do a theatre workshop in Statesboro, Georgia…
exhaustion is then the theme for today, but I am sensing I am not alone today.


Roxanne has
been on my mind of late. Everywhere I go I see young, beautiful, blonde
debutantes walking the streets of Athens…
and I think…if not for death and 45 years one of them could be Roxanne. I
tend to focus a lot on her as she mirrors my daughters in age and my heart
grieves for her as though she were one of my own. The other day while working
on my anthropology bone quiz she came to mind as well. When asked to identify
bones from slides, I was presented with my second favorite bone of the body
now- the hyoid bone.

The hyoid
bone is the thin bone that suspends in the neck and remains in tact, unless
sever pressure is applied. Severe pressures like from… strangulation.


As I study
and learn the art of Forensic Investigation, I feel Roxanne at my side,
whispering, “Look for mine… find me. It has been broken. Find me and prove
what they have done.”


I promise
you Roxanne… it will come to pass. I know what they did. The farmer knows
what they did and the second farmer confirmed it! I will find you Rox and when
I do… the world will know that justice prevails.


Rest little
one…I’m on my way!

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