Four arrests, one book and a degree!


I read
another blog today about how far apart we sometimes become from what we want at
a deeper level out of fear or negativity. So I thought I would take the test.  How far apart am I from what it is
that I want, but more importantly am I working as hard as I can towards what it
is I really want? The answer is I am walking in the direction of that goal
everyday. I work full time, I go to school on line and not a day goes by that I
don’t work on this blog or on the book. How far apart am I from where I am and
where I want to be?


arrests, one book and one degree!

And while
that sounds like a really far ways off, it’s not.

I’ve work
hard with R (psychic detective) to get the ball rolling on Charley’s case and I
continue to work hard to keep that ball rolling towards the eventual arrests f those
guilty for his murder and those of Roxanne, Jessica and the MOT.

I work on
the book everyday…over 300 pages and counting! And even though once it’s
done, there is editing and the search for representation… it is underway!

I am taking
my forensic courses on line in between my full time job and so far I remain on
the Dean’s List!


That’s how
far I am from where I want to be. In moments when I despair that I may never
make it to my goal, I try to look back and see where I was in that line two
years ago and it makes me smile.


I jus hope
it makes Charley smile too!


Be afraid
Grim… be very afraid!

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