They walk among you…


I am at the
point where I can see the end of the book and then becomes the task of edit,
edit, edit and edit! But do not be excited… the end is still weeks away from
me and that just means that I get to turn around and write it again. Any book
is important, but this book is paramount because it will effect real change in
many lives. Some good changes… some very bad changes. And those are the
changes I wish to address today, for I may not say this again outside of legal


People died.

People died
at the hands of other people who did horrible things and needed to hide them.

These are
the people who killed Charley.

These are
the people who took two young women and treated them like sex toys ad then brutally
beat them and then killed them for pleasure.

These are
people who took another man… an older man who should have known better, but
put himself at risk by seeing, knowing, watching… He too was beaten to death.


Now… here’s
the really bad part.


Not all of
them are dead.


What does
this mean for you? It means they lived 45 years after the crimes as free men
and women. That they lied to spouses, children and grandchildren about who they
really are…what they have done. Everything got buried that night with the MOT,
or so they thought. Jessica got pregnant. In March she tried to commit suicide
and then was killed in July somewhere north of Valdosta where one of the men watched her
body begin to rot in the sun because he got off on it. Then when her pretty,
blonde haired friend began to put two and two together- the four in flannel
struck again. Roxanne was sleeping with one of the four when he snapped; then
the others joined in the fray and the boys club was sealed along with her doom.
They dragged her to the lake, kicked and beat her and then the three placed
their hands upon her throat and squeezed till there was nothing left of the
wanna-be debutante. Roxanne was strangled to death just days before
Charley…then Charley was lured to the Clyatteville-Nankin Road and when he
refused to give up the location of the _______________, they beat and shot him.
The last to go was the MOT. His first name was Robert and you will learn his
last name in the book or perhaps in the process of investigation. He was a
kinder soul- affectionate with Roxanne, but not sexual. He got both Jessica and
Roxanne jobs at the American Legion Club. Then several key players in town
seduced them into the porn industry and adult entertainment for visiting
dignitaries and Hollywood stars. MOT made the
mistake of aligning himself with the four in flannel, but when bodies began to
stack… he began to panic. His panic led to his association with Charley and
then his death. He too was beaten to death.


Got the


How many of
the four in flannel are still alive? Enough of them to make you sleep with one
eye open at night. They have/had wives… they have/had children…they
have/had grandchildren. They own businesses.. they are retired… they walk among you and sneer at your ignornace.

They walk
among you at the grocery stores… restaurants… even churches, though I do
not know how they don’t spontaneously combust as they cross the thresholds.
They hold badges and honors and one day soon… they will all come to heel.
Their names will be like the decay of those they left for dead. Their reputations
destroyed, their families will wonder how they could have loved and been
related to such vile creatures. And I will try to feel their pain, but I doubt
it will rise to that of Julie’s who has lived without her father for these men
and women her entire life.


But there is
one in this mix, whose contrition compromised his life. From the other side he
has done what he could to right his part in this wrong. It was his Karma to do
so. If Charley can forgive him… then so should I.


Charley.  I’m not ready to do that yet.
He needs to do one more thing from the great beyond before that can be


You know who
you are, __________. Step to the plate and tell R what I need to know. Is the
pipe smoker the owner of the silver lighter, or is it the man who writes the
checks? Was the business card there because he was part of it, or just trying
to help?  What was the farmer’s role
beyond the parade of staged witnesses? What was his tie to G? And who now owns
the red ruby and the diamonds she received as payment? Who inherited these?


Ladies? Got
any jewelry we can look at???



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