So who is Lisbon?



I know you
miss the rush of information and I am doing my best to serve many gods these
days; school, work, home, Charley, family crisis… I have not forgotten you, or
Charley. In fact I have asked Charley to reconnect and make his presence known
as I miss his guiding hand.


You see I am
quite at the point were faith must be my spouse. I can continue to write the
book and I have given as much information as I can to those whose eyes are more
trained than mine and other than that… I must find the hours lost to living
to plug the holes of questions I have yet to be answered. R assures me we will
find a space soon and perhaps then… or even before then if I am lucky,
Charley will come to me and share.


So who is Lisbon?

Who is

Who is

What about the
man from Dupont, Georgia
and what was so pressing about a man in Lakeland
in 1963 that this man had to hand deliver a letter to my dear friend… 3 years
before they took him out?

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