In 1966 who sat where?


Charley was busy today
and woke R early…

“…4th in flannel=pipe smoker. Sat
in the same booth...the second booth all the

time in that restaurant "the fort" the one in the "v" it was his spot. People

should know
about him always sitting in the same spot. My air is filled with

tobacco's him. If still alive has intestinal problems(possibly

cancer) his
daughter may know the truth..."

Ok Valdosta, your turn. Who remembers the S&K
(Sit and Kiss) restaurant that sat in the V of the two intersecting highways?
You know, the one they used to call "the fort" where all the law hung
out! Come on now, think. In 1966 who sat where? We already know that G hung out
there quite a bit. G and S_________. In fact she once approached my mystery
emailer/caller and tried to get her/him to perform a sexual favor for somebody
in the trailer park nearby. Then later he/she was run out of town the night
Charley was murdered!

Hmmmmmmm.... who might that be?


Albert Einstein?



I bet Miss M knows.
Maybe she will wake R early tomorrow morning and confirm the true identity of
the pie-smoker for me! Anybody smell mint tobacco in the room? Hmmmmmm.

I’d BANK on it!

Do you get it???


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