Private eyes are watching you…


Today I will be back for more. I could not tell you all that
transpired the other day, though what I did share was quite enough for now. The
clock continues to tick… the pendulum to swing and the reign of justice
begins its march to the sea…by way of Valdosta!

Grim, you should be very leery of Mr. Einstein right now. He is a
loose cannon and he will take you down with him, just as sure as he did the
others. Have you fixed the tear in your hat yet, or does the warped sweetness
of your sense of accomplishment still give you a rush? Pray that it does,
because it will be the last sweet thing you experience in this lifetime. You helped
take Charley out trying to find the MOT and I’m not talking about the man in
the hotel. Everyone knew where he was… including me, and today we both know
what that means don’t we?

Sooooo…shall we talk about the lunchbox of the farmer… what it
had in it? Is that why his kid won’t talk about it 45 years later? Or shall we
talk about the other farmer who watched you at midnight in the field?

Today’s riddle?

How many good ole boys does it take to roll a young debutante’s
body into the water? Hmmmm…. Answer?


That’s correct!

The four in flannel!


Let’s try another riddle.

Why was it so necessary for Charley’s boss to hammer Hazel for the
bag from the Morris Pawn shop? What $3.00 item in there was so significant that
everyone searched for it for months after Charley’s slaughter?

Mr. Einstein? Care to take a guess?

Hard to light your cigars
without it, wasn’t it? Couldn’t let that thing get out of the bag…ha ha ha! Afraid
Rox and Jessica could have identified it, huh?  Oh wait… that’s right. Jessica was dead
months before Charley got that bag. No matter. They did know who it
belonged to. So did Miss M, even though her husband, your friend, warned her
not to tell me.

Ok… let’s lighten things up a bit now. How about…today’s
favorite song? Here’s a hint…it’s by Hall and Oates?

Mr. Einstein… bet you know this one! Yes that’s right it’s, “Privates
Eyes” and you are today’s winner! For those of you in the know, that’s a
double-entendre. Be careful Mr. Einstein…yours may be watching me, but theirs are now watching you…closely!

Until later then…

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