Save a snowflake for me…



The hour of Christmas approaches and I have but one gift for you all…

The gift of forgiveness.


While you may often sense a taint of vengeance in these blogs, it is both cathartic and theatrical in nature to keep the flow of energy and determination at full bore. On a more personal note; this has been another crazy year in the trenches and I am both hopeful and grateful for the coming year and pray that it bring grace to my efforts, fruition to this case and justice to those still living in the illusion of safety.


With that in mind, whatever infractions you have committed, or grievances you have harbored against another soul, ‘tis the season to purge yourself of such negativities and let them go. Just like shoes we can outgrow places, people and situations. It’s ok to move forward and let some things stay behind… but leave only kindness in your wake.

Apologize for errors and forgive those that have befallen you and move through your holiday with a lighter heart and a cleaner slate.  Welcome the New Year with intentions of real change. Become the you, you were meant and do not allow the comfort of misery for others to steal your thunder! Let those things and those people who no longer support and guide who you are becoming or returning to… find another path other than yours.


Let go of the old and ring in the new- but this time mean it! Sing if it makes you happy…eat and drink if it brings you joy, but be judicious in your exuberance and know that it must be balanced with equal amounts of exercise and moderation! Experience life in ways you thought were only left to your youth. Be 16 again in your heart, if that was the best you ever thought you could be!


Do not let habit rule your heart, but let your heart rule your habits!


Breathe deep- laugh often and live where your eyes and heart find inspiration! If the water feeds your soul- go there. If mountains arouse you to be bold and daring in our choices- then be bold and daring and choose to live amongst them! Stop making excuses why you can’t follow your heart’s desire and let your heart’s desire show you the way to make it all possible!

Let the world around you feed you.

Vacation in your mind everyday- not just two weeks out of the year!

Become the woman or the man you want others to see.

Write, sing, dance and make love to your future!

Take care of your health, but know that you are more than shoulders, waist and hips!  Love with a full heart and break it often to know the joys and sorrows of love- as this is why we are here!

Enjoy the miracle that you are!

Want less and do more!

Be more and give more…

Angels abound just waiting for you to ask them to join in your journey, so…

Believe! Believe!  Believe! It is only in this belief that miracles happen!


2012 will prove to be the beginning of great works for the many who have heard the call of 11:11 and the incredible number patterns that have haunted the populous for the last few years. To those of you who have experienced this…’tis your duty to share and to plow the way for others to follow.


For those who have touched me greatly this year…

To Charley?

You have my undying gratitude.

To Rachael… you have my undying friendship.

To Julie… share in my joy that your father has found a way to pierce the veil and bring you his love!

To my mother and father? Just promise to continue to love and remember me.

To my family?

Thank you for understanding that it is who I am to write, to question, to cry, to love, to laugh, to fear and to ask you to join in the doing the same.


My wish for you dear readers?

That you wake up everyday next year and say to yourself…

“I’m so great, Santa Claus believes in me!”

Believe in yourselves and something larger than you are and your joy will match your efforts!


Merry Christmas readers… save a snowflake for me!


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