Scared now Grim?


I have been out of touch, but that was for personal and not professional reasons. I know that Charley is working overtime of late as the signs abound everywhere I go and the confusion on some issues has begun to clear.

Of course, that is when the stakes are highest.

Shall I tell you how this ends?

Shall I tell you that one will begin to doubt and mistrust the other?

Shall I tell you that one will talk and the others will come to heel as they will refuse to go down alone?

Shall I tell you that it will never matter which one cracks first… not to me anyways, but to those who seek the truth??? Hmmmm…maybe.

Perhaps there will be lenience for the first and perhaps not.

Shall I tell you why it will never matter to me anymore?

Because Charley can never have his earthly years back.

Because Hazel can never buy back the last 19 years of her life.

Because Julie will never have back her father in the way all children deserve and because her children are minus the grandfather they desire.

But most of all, because the book is written.

Because those in the know, will know and those only curious will eventually find out anyways. Don’t you just love secrets?

Nobody knows how to keep them- especially the dead!

So my dear Grim, no matter how many times I change the names…no matter how many ways I veil the truth…everyone will know.

There is only one Valdosta…

There is only one Grim reaper…

There is only one Albert Einstein…

There is only one farmer in the dell…

There is only one official of the court that turned a blind eye.

There was only one MOT.

There were two young female victims.

There was however more than one ____________.

And low and behold? More than one country club!

Scared now Grim?

You should be!

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