The apocalypse for the, “4 in flannel” begins…


A recent chat with a dear friend reminded me that I write this blog not only as a way of ferreting out thoughts and intuitions, but as a lifeline to those of you who have found both intrigue and commitment to this cause. To you then, I apologize that there simply are not enough hours in my days of late and not enough nuggets of information to bung up your daily coffers.

To be sure, the wheels continue to turn…but they turn in ways that I am not at liberty to share, nor foolish enough to disclose. Still there will be days when you will not know from whence my silence originates and for you then intrigue becomes both blessing and a curse.

This morning was rushed. Too many heady hours of theatre and too many moments still embraced by cardboard boxes that seem to dot my personal landscape everywhere I turn, have kept me in perpetual motion and I grow weary of the pace…such is the price of relocation. But sanity returned early this morning as I rounded the curve of a most bucolic setting. Armored with hot coffee and age defying make-up, I happened to shuffle the CD’s in the ‘Stang on my morning commute and found much to my delight an old Kenny Loggins song called, “This Is It!”

Those of you in similar digits can share in my joy, as I found this a rather encouraging sign for not more than an 1/8 of a mile earlier… I had asked Charley for a sign that things were still on track and moving forward according to divine intent and that I had not lost the connection in my recent sabbatical to take care of daily living.

Kenny Loggins replied for my 8 x 10 friend and spoke to me in the laguage of angels: Music.

Kenny Loggins said:

“There’ve been times in my life, I’ve been wonderin’ why. Still, somehow I believed we’d always survive. Now, I’m not so sure You’re waiting here, one good reason to try But, what more can I say? What’s left to provide? (You think that maybe it’s over,) (Only if you want it to be.) Are you gonna wait for a sign, your miracle? Stand up and fight. (This is it.) Make no mistake where you are. (This is it.) You back’s to the corner. (This is it.) Don’t be a fool anymore. (This is it.) The waiting is over, no, don’t you run. No way to hide. No time for wonderin’ why. It’s here, the moment is now, about to decide. Let ’em believe. Leave ’em behind. But keep me near in your heart. Know whatever you do, I’m here by your side. (You say that maybe it’s over.) (Not if you don’t want it to be.) For once in your life, here’s your miracle. Stand up and fight. (This is it.) Make no mistake where you are. (This is it.) You’re goin’ no further. (This is it.) Until it’s over and done. (No one can tell what the future holds.) Oh-oh-oh-oh. (Who makes the choice of how it goes?) It’s not up to me this time. (You know.) Comes a day in every life. (This is it.) Make no mistake where you are. (This is it.) You’re goin’ no further. (This is it.) Until it’s over and done. (This is it.) One way or another. (This is it.) (No one can tell what the future holds.) (This is it.) Your back’s to the corner. (This is it.) (You make the choice of how it goes.) (This is it.) The waiting is over. (This is it.) (No one can tell what the future holds.) (This is it.) One way or another. (This is it.)

Writer: MCCOY, VAN

The entirety of the song was a clear message to me… to you the reader. Whatever dream or goal that you have in your life- this is the time to break away and go for it. This is the moment when you cut from the herd and plow your own path.

Think of what would have happened to Charley if I had not followed my gut. Think of Roxanne and Jessica and the MOT. Where would they be but still a part of an unknown history and an unreolved destiny? They would still be trapped- eternal Hell is not to be allowed the luxury of change. You have such luxury before you. YOU are change itself- continue to evolve and do so without delay!

This is your wake-up call as much as mine dear readers. Stop pretending you live someone else’s life, be authentic and get out there and live your own! This message said many things to me. It told me to stop holding back for protocol’s sake. (Of course my lawyer will be having a heart attack upon reading this, but…) But the song told me  that this is no time to be complacent; that I need to grab hold of both reins and take the lead.

This case, this book, has been long in the making and with resolution to close in terms of the timing of the cosmos… I cannot continue to spend precious energies parsing the finer points of what is or what is not the best approach to the final paragraphs. The book is completed in the sense that now editing and fine tuning must take precedence…all the while I wait with baited breath to see if my Post Script can bear the weight of supposition… but I cannot print it just yet! 

Just as in the Bible, the beginning of the apocalypse for the, “4 in flannel” begins with an angel- a messenger and a sign …

Proceed with caution, Grim.

The horsemen ride and R has seen things apparently you have not!

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